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On Friday July 14th I ordered your book.  I couldnít wait for the book to get here so I ordered two boxes of the NatCell Thymus to get me started.  When your book arrived I read it through.  I can identify with your journey.

I was diagnosed HCV in December 1997.  I think I have had it for 20 years.  I never really took anything until January 5th, 2000, when my AST was 126 and my ALT was 294 and I was  feeling terrible.  My Naturopath/Herbalist have me this list below.  I felt worse for three days then I started feeling better enough to go to this guy and praise him for helping me.  After a month I just couldnít reach the next level of improvement (I was not really feeling that sense of well-being you write about in your book).

I am jazzed to announce that on July 6th, 2000 my AST was 68 and my ALT was down to 127, however I was still not feeling very good.  Now that I started the NatCell Thymus, added the teas you suggested and implemented a much more strict diet I am certainly looking forward to my next test within the next couple weeks.

The gastro. I just saw last week said that I should not take anything that would stimulate my immunity and that I could eat anything that I wanted.  He said that diet didnít really matter.  Some day soon these people will have to get the real message, donít you think?

Well, enough about me please continue to update the e-mails on your site.  It sure gives hope to know that others are getting well with this regimen.

Here are the items I began taking since January 6th, 2000 (prior to NatCell Thymus):

German Milt Thistle, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Homocystein Modifier, L-Methionine (Amino Acid), B-Complex, Lipotropic 1000, Barleanís Flax Oil, Drink lemon water periodically throughout the day.  Follow with carrot, cucumber and beet juice.  Eat plenty of raw vegetables.

Be certain to limit or eliminate the following:

Sugar, Caffeine, Alcohol, Colas, Dairy, Fried Foods, Animal Protein.

Thank you Friend,


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