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Deja Vu
Sept. 3, 2004


Just finished your book, and I, like you, had a traumatic vehicular accident in which I was run over by a "yellow" cadillac in 1982 and received subsequent transfusions
for....... 4 units of PRBC's from a hospital in Detroit that is now closed. you... waited four years from about 1997-2001 to get physicians to "pay attention" to what I was trying to tell them about feeling sick all the time and was continuously told I had that "female anxiety" thing although I was working and vomitting several times a day..... lost some 70 pounds and the whole nine yards..... your book gave me goose bumps because I experienced some almost identical circumstances ---

The VERY DAY my "Doctor" told me I was very healthy and there was nothing wrong with me, I looked him dead in his face and said, "Really?" and his reply was, "Really!" I walked out and immediately went to another Doctor who did labs that came back positive for Hep C ..... for years I ! thought I was INSANE .... my own family members labeled me a hypochondriac because I HAD NO DIAGNOSIS! Imagine being ecstatic when someone actually told me I had Hep C .... I rejoiced and cried because I KNEW I wasn't nuts ..... just VERY sick ...... I laid in bed night after night after night for about four years while working a VERY stressful job in an Intensive Care Unit in the Detroit VA Hospital MICU .... I came home from work in tears - (too many teardrops .... for one heart .... to be cryin ... I wanna cry 96 years!)

Anyways ........ I was born on Halloween 1953, so it isn't easy to shut me down Lloyd ...... the new Dr. sent me to the hepatologist who did the genotype and viral load and the subsequent liver biopsy routine. At any rate ..... I have that nasty genotype ..... 1b ...... viral load is right in the middle at 5 mils .... BUT ....... I never feel good ...... I hurt all the time .... tired all the time ..... you KNOW the drill by heart ...... biopsy was supposedly a Stage I la la la .... (will request those records soon) .... I don't believe a damn thing they say until I see it in print ..... NOT ANY MORE!!!!!

I just want to say that your book is NOVA NUCLEAR and I am trying to save money to try the NatCell Thymus extract ..... prior to reading your book, I had taken to collecting little cows around my house .... the divine bovine! (I just knew that they carried scientific secrets, but WHAT I had no clue....)

Anyways Lloyd .... I know you get a bi-zillion emails and you are now are very busy man in demand representing the MISREPRESENTED .... people who have to be laughed at for FOUR YEARS STRAIGHT and then after the four years of agony are up .... what? It starts all over again because INTERFERON SUCKS and NO .... I haven't tried it .... a Nurse I work with did one knew who was suffering the most ....... HER or her CO WORKERS ..... OH MY GOD WAS THAT INTENSE ..... .WO!

My prayers, blessings and best wishes for a man who is our new hallowed father of HepC madness and hope for all of o! ur futures ......... you take care ... write if you can ..............
Sincerely, S. M. L. in Motown!

*Yes, you sure can post the story- we need to get as much info out there as possible ... I would be more than honored ... I have seen all manner of suffering from HCV and most of it right in front of my desk on a daily basis- patients with end stage liver disease secondary to or with HCV ... my title is actually Lead Medical Support for Medical ICU, Surgical ICU and hemodialysis .... (office manager type thing and the contact person for all trouble shooting --- or getting shot AT depending on the day .. .the main liason between patients, Doctors,Nurses and secretaries...) Have only four years and I can retire ... often wonder if I will make it ..... have made 25 already ...... my sister is a PhD with Pfizer and my best girl friend is a PhD in pharmacy at the hospital ... At any rate, I was beyond thrilled to hear from you and thank you for the recommendations you wrote! I will get started .... the nausea and all that "HCV static" have returned and wow ..... so I will get out and get going ... I work for Doctors, but there is no short in my circuits Lloyd .... they are a trip ..... (all too often......a bad one).. .I get to work out a lot of my anti-Doctor hostilities every day, because I am in the distinguished position of telling THEM what to do...(like a hungry boa constrictor)...I spend most of my time in Medical Intensive Care ... in fact almost all of it ... it often seems like a scene from Animal House ... things beeping ... alarms going off ..... space lab sirens and the whole nine yards... The Doctors have their own little statement when they are introduced to me .... it's quite simple .... "Don't piss her off .... whatever you do ...." Ok Lloyd for now ... it is 2am .... have a terrific headache and I work like 7a-330P ... the trip to and from work is an hour ..... Mon-Friday routine ... off weekends ..... I can fax you labs soon ..... will get the supplements .... I have NO intentions of trying Interferon. I am terrified of that stuff and the track record for genome 1b and SVR is horrible to say the least .... my system is very sensitive and I already know that....the Interferon itself would probably kill me ... it nearly killed my Nurse friend ..... and almost took US out with HER ... Interferon massacre ... total wipe out! What a horror movie THAT was...Ok Bud.....outta here for a minute until next time.....write whenever you want.....know you are busier than busy and so am I...manage to be the email Queen however.....anything to distract my mind from pain is good......will continue to check out the website......

talk to you soon.............

"The beginning of health is to know the disease." Miguel de Cervantes



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