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5 Year Sentence
Sept. 2, 2004

Hello Mr. Lloyd,

Went to the dr. said my numbers are high, and I only have about 5 yrs. left, he wants to do a sonogram to see if he can see anything more. Said my liver is only a forth of its size.

Can it grow back to normal or am I just to give up and die? Don't think I like this doctor much.. I think enough depressing things by myself, I don't need him adding to it..

So we have steady imcome now, will be ordering monthly now with the credit card, by the way, I went to your web and ordered it by following the directions. ha, oh so hard eh? silly me.. thanks for being there to answer questions and help the rest of us.


Hi Mary:

I need to see the test results. I want to know what to do for you that is best and to do that, I need to see them.

Call the dr and demand them and fax them or have them fax them to me and I will see just how long you have to live and we will see what you need to do to avoid this stupid 5 year sentence.

Fax: 310 457 9449
In good health


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