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September 24, 2004

Dear Lloyd:

I received a phone message yesterday from my doctor. My last message was posted to your FAQ section dated April 19. There was quite a bit improvement with my liver panel being normal with the SGOT/AST being 1 point above normal. The virus was up but that was attributed to stupidly taking the Hep A and flu vaccine. This I know, the doctor does not.

Well...good news!! The doc says that my liver is COMPLETELY inflamation, nothing. And, the virus, in her quite a bit lower. However, she didn't give me the numbers but the test results are being mailed and I will have in a couple of days. She says they used a different test this time. Last time a PCR and this time an EDNA so she is attributing the lower count to the new test. Is there a real difference?

I have been diligently taking Eurocel, frozen thymus once a week, and pretty much everything on the program that I can afford on a daily basis. I work out two hours a day (finding my work outs are getting easier), eat organic foods, poultry and fish and rest all I can. The thing I am beginning to notice is that the joint pains are gone in my feet and some of the fibromyalgia I felt. I am not feeling tired and I feel quite a bit better these days.

I will forward the results when I receive. Thank you again, Lloyd for all of your research and help. Again, I am proof positive it works.


Dear Lloyd:

I have the latest results of my tests as promised. And, I am very happy!! I will fax into your office on Monday.

AST - 35
ALT - 17

HCV, RNA is 777,500 IU/ml (DNA)
This test was run on 9/22/04.

My previous numbers were on March 22, 2004:

AST - 41
ALT - 22

HCV RNA was 4,250,000 IU/ml (PCR)

The rest of my liver panel is all within normal limits. No upper or lower limits of normal...right in middle range. Very good!!!

I have really been a steady customer of the Eurocel and I think this is working in my case. I have recently added frozen thymus once a week. But, these results are better than I imagined. I believe I am clearly on the way to non-detection....

Take care. You may post anything you like.

Again, not clear really the difference between PCR and DNA but they both measure IU/ml so they must be the same thing as you said in your e-mail.




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