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I Have Been in a Dark Place
Sept. 17, 2004


First let me say thank you for carrying out this research, I am 38 years old and have had Hep C for the last 12 years. My ALT's are in excess of 200 and I am not feeling very well at all. I received your book the other day and haven't put it down since. In 1998 I completed a 6 month Combination Therapy of Interferon and riboviron and as I found out in your book the same thing happened to me as everyone else in that once I stopped the treatment the virus returned.

A couple of Months ago I was selected ( lucky me ) for the Peg-Intron trail they are running in Queensland Australia. Well after reading your book I now know what to tell them when they ring for my next appointment. I'm never going to go through that again, this time they wanted me to stay on
the poison for 18 Months, ( that would kill me ). Since completing my last course in 1998 I have been in a dark place, my wife is a very strong person who has stuck with me battling my depression and alcohol abuse since starting interferon. I don't know what bad effect I have had on my two very young children but it can't be good.

Anyway since reading your book I have a new lease on life, there is a big giant light at the end of this very dark tunnel and its called Lloyd.

My question is that I want to get started asap and I want to know where to start and is it financially better for my to order my cure through you or should I try to source these vitamins in Australia?

Thanks again Lloyd you are the closest thing to GOD that I have at the moment.

Bless you.

Hi A.K.:

May God Bless your wife! Interferon is hell and it is difficult to deal with, and ineffective.  I will copy a recent article about interferon:

I can tell you that if interferon does not work the first time, it is not going to work. HCV mutates with each replication and builds an immunity to interferon.  If it does not work the first time, it is not going to work.

Doctors know this, this is the reason they keep prescribing it. This has been going on for years, this article is limited in its scope, it has finally reached the front page of the Sunday New York Times in some degree.

I have sent many things to Australia. I am not sure how shipping the frozen items to Australia will go but I am willing to try it.

People who do what I did do best; people who get items from health food
stores do not do well. The reason, I suspect is that items in health food stores are marked up 50% to 60 %, mine are not. The biggest difference in products is quality, often related to processing. I.E. Aloe, if it has been heated over 90 degrees, it is worthless for hep c. I am happy to attempt to send you everything. It has become more difficult since 9/11.

Thank you for the wonderful email, I am here for any questions.

In good health


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