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Lab Results
October 7, 2004

Dear Lloyd

Thank you for all the invaluable information and education regarding Hepatitis C .

My husband got his lab results after taking the second month of your supplement regiment. His viral load went from 20,000,000 IU/ml to 6,000,000 IU/ml
-- both are high.

The only problem is that his liver enzyme functions elevated --almost double. I was a little concerned as he is in advanced -- stage 3 but not cirrohsis. Do you have any advice -- we are continuing with the third month of meds. My husband's name is D.M. He orders from the Hep C pharmacy.

Secondly, I am doing my thesis for my Master of Public Health. Do you maintain a database of any kind on the test results or any survey information on the people using herbal therapies? Thanks.



Hi Deirdre:

Most people would be celebrating with a 14 million point drop in that period of time.

The ALT & AST will elevate if the Ferritin level went up. Many things make it go up, HCV make it go up in 30% of males with the virus.

Have him get a ferritin test, simple blood test, $ 40.00.

Did he take anything that may have made the ast & alt go up?
Any prescriptions from any doctor?

Very few of my clients experience a rise in the ast or alt from my program, It can be a healing crises, detox.

Please let me know what the ferritin level is. Have him drink more dandelion root tea, makes a big difference. More milk thistle seed tea, several cups a day. I post emails that have blood test results on my message board.

My walls are lined with filing cabinets, peoples blood work goes in their file. I have not kept separate files for one success or another, it just gets to busy. I mean that 10 times more info comes across my desk each day than any 10 people could deal with.

You can search my message board, I think there are several blood test testimonials there. There is a search bar there that can help.

In good health


Thank you very much -- we are very happy -- actually astounded that it went down that much in two months -- he hasn't been taking any meds except the herbs and the ferritin level is fine. He also stopped any unnecessary fatty foods and his cholesterol went down to 156 -- his triglycerides from 237 down to 83 -- amazing huh???!!!

Will let you know the next tests in December. Thank you again



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