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Primary Liver Cancer
October 3, 2004


Just had a real hassle with my doc's Hep C nurse last night. Thinkin' about changing docs. (Felica said she would email a list of docs.) Just because I asked her about the FIBROSURE test, she told me "stop reading so much, and stop going into those chat rooms". This pissed me off sooooo badly and I said "Listen - I have a life-threatening disease, and I have the right to do my own research, and I am NOT using chat rooms"

Boy they really get their nickers in a bunch when anyone doesn't follow along with their program!!! Then she proceeds to explain the biopsy procedure to me (she did make one good point -- FIBROSURE does not detect cancer).

Then she says, "we haven't heard from you -- are doing the protocol or not?" So I said I would let her know after I do the biopsy (or FIBROSURE) -- there is NO WAY that I'm doing it, but just putting her off . Then she says "well I have to go talk with someone who is getting ready to start the program for the SEVENTH time.

WHAT? sez I - why would anyone in their right mind want to do the program seven times? Her answer was (are you ready for this?) -- "Welcome to the world of Hepatitis C". I thought to myself, "and you want me to start on the program? -- you've got to be out of your cotton pickin' mind". Insensitive b****!!!

She definitely missed the day they taught bedside manner in school.

Oh, by the way, if you want to post any of my emails, go right ahead

Take care, Lloyd!!!

Hi Pat:

If you biopsy primary liver cancer it starts to spread immediately.

The junior docs do not believe that. The only primary liver cancer patients that live are ones who do not get a biopsy. I deal with this on a weekly basis.

Your doctor can take this info and stop killing people.

Alpha feto protein blood test detects primary liver cancer, so does ultra sound so I do not think your doctor makes much of a debater.

She is miss informed and is dangerous to her patients health!




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