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J. M. and his doctor
October 23, 2004


Big day for M & I, what a shame the doctor talked into a dictaphone the whole time then asked me when I would like to have my liver biopsy preformed. The guy was a total ASS.

My numbers have gone down since sept 16th from 46 AST to 38 AST and thats the length I have been on your level 4 program.

doc said copy was in the mail of the rest of my tests.we brought in all my tests dating from 1999 to ask him why my Hep C was active.also my ferritin test was 124. My family doc said I was Hep C active with a phone call from a secretary on the day I was helping a friend getting his papers in order to die from hep c and cirrhosis of the liver. I've been with this for 30 years (vietnam) and always tried not to think about it.My friend died a week later and I'am still in shock and depressed as hell.

M is the one who has been emailing you about me saying its me but this time it is ME. We live and breath and think things are great but it becomes time to face the music. YOU have changed my life and I feel so much better on the program you told mary about. sometimes I look over at the counter at all the bottles and my new vita mix and yearn for a T bone steak. We will fax you the complete test as soon as it arrives.

The doctor would never answer our question why they thought I was active.Said I should ask my Family doc who sent me to him(gastro). Told me liver biop was the only way to go and would'nt hurt,and started talking about peg therapy,I'am geno type 1B.

Thats it for now and thanks Lloyd for being so helpful to M and I.

J & M



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