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Mainstream MD's are CLUELESS
October 21, 2004


I have to vent.....

I had to get a primary MD. So I made an appt and I left his office shaking.

They are clueles. Clueless, clueless, clueless.

He told me he wouldn't be my primary unless I went to see a liver MD. He knew nothing about herbs. Even though I showed him my bloodwork had improved from the first time I was dx with hep c in 2003. He looked at the CBC and told me to get real numbers.

I guess CBC's aren't good enough anymore. He said because of lawyers, if anything happened to me while under his care, he could be sued. So I have to do WHATEVER he says. Fat Chance!

I will not go back to him. He was nice, but mainstream MD's are CLUELESS.

I've been out of the MD stream for so long, they speak greek to me. They make NO SENSE. Geez!

Anyway, I just had to get this off my chest.

You're a sweetie. Keep informing people!

c. w.
milford, ct

Hi c.w.:

This is a completely normal experience with doctors and hep c. Does not seem right does it?

Keep looking, good doctors are out there.

I love your story, may I post it? I can take out your name.
Please let me know.



No, it isn't right. But I somehow think that we may be changing the culture one by one by reacting to our MD's negatively when they want to treat everything with drugs. I believe it plants a seed somehow.

Some health care companies are beginning to take 'alternative' or really traditional medicine. After all, alternative medicine has been around much longer and I therefore call it 'traditional'. To me, giving a pill for everything is more 'alternative'.

You've got to watch the words they label things with. Like 'friendly fire', ect.

Lloyd, I really am out of the MD loop and hope to stay out permanently.
They know 2 things, drug and cut. That's it!

Yes, you can print my letter.



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