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Phlebotomy OK'd
November 2, 2004

Hi Lloyd,

My doctor's nurse finally called yesterday and my first phlebotomy is scheduled for tomorrow morning and a standing order for monthly withdrawals. I don't know how many he wants me to do before they check the Ferritin level again but my guess would be 4 or 5. I may find out tomorrow when I check into day stay, I will ask the attending phlebotomist what the doc's orders are!

It seems so strange to me that I'm the one who has to tell my doctor what I need to rid my liver of an overload of iron and I wouldn't of known that if it hadn't been for you staying in contact with me with each email I've written with my high numbers!

Doctor's are really dumb when it comes to Hep C ... all they want to do is put poison in you and take a piece of your liver out to examine it ....!!

Thanx Lloyd...I will be in contact to let you know how I'm feeling! I'm still going to take the IP6, dandelion teas, milk thistle ...etc..etc. I would love to have more energy again!

Keeping the Faith,


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