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Moduchol and Cheerios
November 28, 2004


The last time we e-mailed we had a problem with high cholesterol 337 and high triglycerid 540 that was 8/26/04.  You suggested that Jerry take Moduchol and cheerios for 6 weeks well we got the blood work done on 11/5/04 his cholesterol level dropped to 191 the lowest it has ever been and his triglycerid dropped to 276. We were so happy about this.

We also received the viral load on 11/5/04 it is 2,345,860 IU/ml back in 11/2000 his viral load was 788,000 IU/ml. Jerry started with a new doctor on November 19, 2004 he is going to do a new viral load so maybe I will have something to compare it to.

At his doctor's appointment the dr said jerry's spleen is swollen and he has liver spot on his skin he wants Jerry to get the biopsy which I think he has decided to do. Also the thyroid seems to be going up they are retesting that. All the other blood test for the liver are all normal SGOT 42 SGPT 25.

I will fax the newest blood work to you on Monday. History Jerry is 56 has had hep c for over 30 years, he is taking everything frozen thymus, TLM all the teas all the pills. Is there something else we can do.

M & JM.

P.S. Jerry thought it was great seeing his letter posted on the board

Hi M & JM:

Antibiotics will make the viral load go up, anti depressants make it go up, hepatitis A & B vaccine make it go up. Have you done any of these?

There are many prescription meds that make it go up.

Nexium makes it go up.

I am happy about the cholesterol and triglcerides.  Viral loads are unpredictable in some people.

The biopsy is the beginning of the end as the doctor will push for interferon and nothing will stop them.

As long as your ast & alt is in a good place, there is no reason to see the doctor.

I have been thru it, seen it, listened to it to many times.  When I wrote in my book, the chapter on things to avoid and said MDs. I meant it.

There is more to do!

Time, persistence are the keys!  Regaining health takes time.  The viral loads you cite are 4 years apart.  Do you know what it was when you started my program?

Take Liver Formula, 3, 2 x day on empty stomach with Eurocel.
Take more Ultra Absorbic C.

These items help with the viral load.

In good health



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