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A FAQ: Antibiotics Raise the Viral Load!
December 28, 2004

Most antibiotics raise the viral load. I have PhD.s arguing about this telling me that some are better for one reason or another.

Facts are, there is no basis in fact to their positions.

Hepatitis C virus reacts to some of them more than others and I am doing my best to understand them.

I remember getting sick everytime I took antibiotics. I would tell the doctor and they thought I was just a nut case. My dentist thinks I am a fanatic because I refuse to take them. One pill can make me sick for days. The following may be one of the reasons why.

Do yourselves a favor for the New Year! Do not take antibiotics unless you are going to die if you do not!

Below is a statement about antibiotics and their effect on the liver which may not be related to HCV.

I see antiboitics raise the viral load over 10 MILLION points with as few as 3 pills!

In good health

Antibiotic-associated hepatitis: update from 1990

November 21, 2004

50% of people with hepatitis c who take just a few antibiotics will have there viral load double to quadruple.

The other 50% have their viral load go up 10 million points or more.

I have observed this hundreds of times and have been reporting it for many years.
It appears that a antibiotic called "LEVAQUIN" which is generic for "LEVOFLOXOCIN" does not appear to raise the viral load. I do not know if this hold true in all cases but it seems to be consistent in the cases I have observed.

If you have to take a antibiotic and you have hepatitis C, demand this from your doctor instead of whatever he was going to give you.

In good health



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