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Hepatitis A & B Vaccines
November 1, 2004


I have HVC and have been doing really well on your products. My Dr. says keep doing what I'm doing, but he also wants me to get Hepatitis B & C vaccines. I'm very healthy and want to stay that way. Any thoughts about the vaccines?


Hi B:

This is very important!

If you take the hep a & b vaccine your viral load will go up! 50% of people with hep c will experience viral load rise of double to quadruple baseline and 50% will experience a rise of up to and exceding 10 million points.

It akes 9 months to 2 years before the viral load becomes stable again.

These shots are a mistake for anyone with hep c.

They are full of mecury, they are toxic and after people have them my program does not work as well.

It is true that people with hep c who get hep a will get very sick and some will die.
It is more likly to get hit by a bolt of lighting than get hep a.
I urge you not to get these vaccines.

In good health

Hi Lloyd:

Thank you so much for responding to my question concerning the A&B vaccines. I am taking your advice. I just had a gut feeling that these weren't a good idea, and I'm glad I got your thoughts before I got pushed into having them. Live long and prosper!




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