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November 16, 2004

Today my phone answering crew was late so I answered phones.

My first call was from Larry G.

He informed me that he is clear of the virus. He did my program for about 2 years and then did 3 months of Peg Intron, had to stop because his blood sugar got all messed up and he ended with diabetes.

Then he went back on my program and he is now NON-DETECTED! Larry was Geno Type 1A!

He also told me that his brother-in-law Shawn G. was on my program and is also NON_DECTETED! Shawn was Geno Type 2B

As I have mentioned in my book and on message board, not many people ever tell me that they got well. How often do you tell your doctor that you got well after he treats you for a cold or flu?

Just another Non-Detected story I learned of by chance.

In good health



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