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Post Interferon Test Results
May 30, 2004

Hi Lloyd,

Not what I wanted to hear.  My viral load jumped from 71,000 to 354,000 since I quit the interferon.  I know it is expected but I keep hoping I'll be one of the miracles I read about.

My gastro wants me to enjoy the summer and not worry. He wants me to go to Philly in the fall and see a liver specialists. Well, I have something to think about all summer.

Today is my 10th. wedding anniversary. Gotta put on a happy face.

Thanks for listening! Hope your still dong well!

Hi J:

I hope you have a wonderful 10th anniversary!

Fear not about the viral load. I have watched thousands of people after interferon and the viral load will go up to baseline and then go 3 times higher on average. If people were damaged physically by it, it does go even higher and sometimes for over a year it will climb before it stops or slows down.

The good thing is that viral load and symptoms and the AST, ALT are not related.

On one point your doctor is right, forget about it over the summer if that is possible. If you go to the liver specialist, do not let them put you on interferon again.

HCV mutates with each replication and rapidly builds an immunity to interferon so it does not work the second time, I have seen it over and over.

In good health



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