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March Testimonials
May 20, 2004

March 2, 2004

Hi Lloyd,

I am the Pastor of New Life Christian Church and have found out recently that I have hepatitis C.  I have had it for 34 years.  I have talked to some Christians that have had great success with your products.

Thymus and Milk Thistle over Interferon!
March 6, 2004

Dearest Lloyd!

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your knowledge of your experience with Hep. C on the Internet!

Two years ago I found out I had Hep. C, genotype 1, and 2+ out of a possible 4 in liver damage - fibrosis, acute! My blood levels were dangerous at 8.3 million!!!!!  (You know I was sick!)  My first Gastroenterologist in Arizona, Dr. Krone, said there was nothing I could do because of my genotype and the elevated levels of my HCV RNA PCA counts.

I then went to one of the top names in Gastro. in the country, Dr. David Roseman, in La Jolla, CA… he wanted me to go on the brand new Interferon Pegasys from La Roche.  But I am a severe asthmatic and Interferon interferes with Theophylline that I have to take in order to breathe!  So I decided to try your recommendation of Thymus and Milk Thistle as a last resort to Interferon therapy…

That was 14 months and my blood levels are now 230K!!! And my liver function is normal!!!!!!!  I feel GREAT!!!  I thank God for you!



· I took 1 vial of Natcell Frozen Thymus every other day.
· 6/500mg capsules of Organic Glandular Thymus every other day
(on the days I did not take the frozen Thymus)
· 3/1000mg softgels Milk Thistle every day!
· And I became a vegan vegetarian

March 23, 2004

Lloyd ~

How have you been doing?

I went for my 6 Month Labs and look at the results! Isn’t this great!


6/11/2003 Viral Load: 181,000 IU/ml

1/13/2004 Viral Load: 7,360 IU/ml


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