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Forgotten Testimonials
May 18, 2004

September 16, 2003

Dear Lloyd,

I have faxed the 1st blood test I received, which was 4 months ago.  It shows the viral load at 4,450,000 Iu/ml and also the AST & ALT at 142 & 205.

They are all down significantly. The AST is 94, still high, but Dr. Metcalf (the doctor you referred me to) said she has seen this one take a little longer, and can come down slower.

The ALT went from 205 to 25! And as you can see the virus has come down almost 3,000,000 Iu/ml to 1,700,000!

I am also taking 30gm of fiber a day (organic wheat bran); Dr. Metcalf said sometimes you can reabsorb the virus out of your intestines back into the body. This will help your intestines to get the virus out, and drop the level faster. She highly praises what you use in your treatment!  I will talk to you soon and will stay on your treatment!  I’ve followed it 100%!

God Bless You!

October 08, 2003

Hello Lloyd!

I hope all is well with you…. Background… I started your program on March 14, 2002.  I have been religious about the Natcell products, and 75% consistent on the supplements.  I elected, thanks to you, not to do the poison, and am very grateful I didn’t.  It was an answer to prayer that I ran into your web site before I ran into the Drug Salesman (The Docs)…

Next, I found a wonderful doc, who advocates what I am doing, and orders may tests AT HIS COST.  It saves a lot of money… about 50%.  He is a MD, and understands what I’m doing, why, and respects my search for information and knowledge.  He said he is learning from me!  Breath of fresh air to hear; I’ve been through 7 docs in 18 months!!!  For those who can’t find a doc… keep looking.

And… Look at what my viral count has done!!! (Get a “load” of that!!!)  I really can’t believe it.  I’m sure it is 100% Natcell driven.  I also take TLM every other day.  I am convinced this is a long fight, but I do think we are going to make it!

Prior to Lloyd’s program: Viral load 29 million to 32 million
7 months after Lloyd’s program: 11,600,00 to 6,770.00

Thanks again Lloyd! God Bless you and yours!



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