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Question about C F Solution
May 16, 2004

Hi Lloyd,

I'm still managing to work out like a madman, do strength work, combine it with good nutrition, and (thus far) not break down. I'm tired, but not broken. It's a huge change. I've been taking the Power Solution about every other day and feel that is probably enough for this phase. Feel healthy as a horse.

Wouldn't you think this would also do similar rebuilding jobs on other athletes? Do you think it could re-grow cartilage and repair nerve damage? I know it's theoretical, but is there any reason why it couldn't have a pretty good success rate for that sort of thing?

What does it change in the body of those people with hepatitis C?

Have a nice Sunday

Hi Bob:

The mesenchyme in Power Solution does help re-grow cartilage and it can repair nerve damage. The only problem I see is getting those people to take it. First they need to know about it, then they need to believe in it enough to try it. That is a huge campaign that I can not afford to wage.

When one has hepatitis c, the adrenal gland becomes fatigued. After long term stress and disease, the adrenal gland begins to come apart. Both the medulla and cortex actually begin to break up. This is when disease begins to spread. The western world has completely ignored this. It happens in cancer, it happens while under assault by radiation therapy and chemo therapy. It happens in HIV and Aids. All these groups of people would benefit from Power Solution.

The adrenal receptors are responsible for liver cell regeneration (Yale School of Medicine), chapter 16 in Triumph Over Hepatitis C.

Adrenal gland peptides in Power Solution aid the adrenal gland in rebuilding itself and supplies energy for those suffering from chronic fatigue. The mesenchyme benefits the hep c suffer in many different ways.

Mesenchyme is as important as Thymus and Liver in hepatitis C, just has a different role.

In good health



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