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Re: a few questions....
May 15, 2004

Hi Lloyd;

I can't afford your whole program, but for about a year and a half I have been taking many of your recommended products. My Liver seems to be doing somewhat better. Anyway, my Enzymes are in the 40's with the viral load down by over 4 million. I am stage 0-1. So that is really good. But, I am still very tired though.

My Alternative doctor says my Adrenal glands are in stage 3 failure ( according to a 24 hr. saliva test) basically he says that they not working at all. I inquired about glandulators. He says he no longer uses the glandular, that they cause too much stimulation. So, he put me on DHEA, plus adrenal support supplements & liquid licorice extracts. What do you think about that?

Also > about iron over load > what is technically considered iron over load? My alternative doc didn't think my levels seemed too high and wasn't very concerned. Should I be concerned? Here's my results:

Normal ranges ( in this lab )
Iron 153
Total Iron binding capacity 321
Percentage Iron Saturation 47%
Transferrin 308

As you can see the Iron Saturation is the only one considered elevated. But I have kept track of all my labs & my iron levels have been climbing almost every 6 months. Two years ago they were quite a bit lower. Is this still considered healthy or should I be concerned about the Elevated Saturation? I don't eat much red meat at all. Organic chicken & Alaskan salmon, no red meat. I have extremely good eating habits, low body fat, ect.

Any information you can send would be great.

God Bless, Sue

Hi Sue:

Get a ferritin test. You should get it in the bottom of the range, usually about 20.
This can help relieve the tiredness.
You lower it with IP6.

Glandular are the best way to help your adrenal gland. Check out my Power Solution. It is the best there is. If you do not like it, I will send you another box for free.   I think that is funny but that is the guarantee that Atrium made for it.

Are you taking any hormones?, progestrome cream?

These will raise the ferritin level.

Salmon is full of mercury, so is tuna and most other fish, the bigger, the worse it is.
Here's an article on it from the FDA.

In good health



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