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Interferon Damaged my Friend
May 13, 2004

Dear Lloyd:

Thank you for helping me by answering questions re my Hep-C program. I have sent in my new order.

I have another question. I talked on the phone today to a friend who lives nearby who had H-C and chose to go the interferon route. I gave her your book (the one with all of the testimonials) to get her to change her mind, but, even though she thought your book was very interesting, she went on with the program. She was very sick and now that her treatments are finished, she is left with "the shakes" as if she has Parkinson's or something. She also has "fuzzy brain" and forgets where she is, etc.

My question is, is there anyway to become normal again after interferon has wrecked your body?   I would appreciate any info you can give me on this.  Thanks.


Hi M L:

You would be surprised how many people I talk and write with who have friends that did interferon who are just plain wrecked. I try to get them to join the class action law suit that my attorney Patrick Catalano with Ed Masery of Erin Brockavitch fame but we don't have many responders. It seems most people are lead to believe that hepatitis c has caused there problems. In the overwhelming number of people I see, interferon has destroyed a portion of there life, body and brain, many to the point of being completely disabled.

The way we are compensated in America for damage is by law suits. I know, I hate them as well but money for compensation is the only way we are allowed to proceed in America.

You friend needs a healthy diet, lots of dandelion root tea, liver cleanse and then find out which organ or organs have been damaged. It sounds like some serious neurotransmitter damage (damage to the BRAINSTEM) has occurred which is common with peg intron.

She should at least take NADH. Many people who use interferon find some relief from neurotransmitter damage with NADH. I use to provide it by the case to interferon support groups back in the days of intron A. Now with peg intron, there is not much hope, the damage is far worse. This can be read as written by Schering, not me.

In good health


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