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March 7, 2004

Hepatitis C Doctor & Patient Relationship
(my favorite of the smileys-- H, thinks their gross)
Hepatitis C Doctor & Patient Relationship
another one of my favorites, I don't use very often

Had a doc visit today about the seroquel and told him about how the med could raise hepatic panel, he asked me how long I have been off of the effexor (antidepressant) I said 204 days (only because thats what I wrote in last diary) I think it is more like 206 days."

He started laughing, how do you know this?" I told him that I have been keeping a diary since I was diagnosed tith HCV ---- bloodwork, herbal supplements, meds that I take or have quit, how I feel, my work schedule, I have it divided into chapters, and topics, and everything is dated, included are letters from you, the day I fax my info, everything! I have filled up this notebook and moved everything into a bigger one.

He still kinda chuckled. I went on to talk about the seroquel, raises hepatic panel, which should be a concern to him, and the eye twitches and shakey hands, parkinson like symptoms,dizziness if I move too fast, etc. I did try to talk about the central nervous system and how medication can imitate certain symptoms like parkinsons, he says: where are you getting all this stuff?

I reminded him of my notebook, your site and the internet ---- oh by the way, I already have another notebook filled on natural healing, things I copied from your site and others ------ I give copies to my friends and acquaintances.

Anyway, doc keeps changing subject which I expect him to. I don't budge. He is trying to get rid of me. I showed him the little bloodblisters and told him that the petechaie is getting smaller and some of it has gone away --- he asked, how do I know about that?

He won't have a decent conversation with me. I am educating myself about this and it pisses him off because he doesn't get kickbacks from the drugs he wants to prescribe to me ----------------- I FEEL GOOD TODAY ------------ doc is a weasy little jerkoff. $95.00 for an office visit ------- 10.00 from me and the other 85.00 from ins co. He gets 95.00 for 10-15 minutes of my time and I got weighed and sat in a chair in his office. 95 dollars divided by 15 minutes is 6.3 dollars a minute, now, it could be possible I was in there only 10 minutes, in which case he made 9.5 dollars a minute.

Pretty good money for someone who don't shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I still didn't get any info or help --- I am cutting down on my own, which is what I had to do with the other drug.


Hi D:

You are a wonderful person.

I suggest that you forget trying to get any help from doctors. They really do not give a shit about you, just selling you drugs.

This is not the world our parents grew up in where doctors were people who cared about us. When I was little, people always said, become a doctor and make lots of money. I think that most of the doctors around today were moved into wanting to be a doctor because of the promise of money, not because they wanted to help any one.

I wish I was wrong, I am not.



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