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Chronic Fatigue from Rebitol and Peg Intron
March 5, 2004

Lloyd It has been almost a year since my therapy of Rebitol and Peg Intron ended. At times during the therapy I thought I was going to die. I still have chronic fatigue and trouble concentrating and my eyesight still acts up when I am tired.

I had perfect vision before the therapy.  What gives???  Are these symptoms permanent??


P.S. The Hep C is undetectable but I almost feel as if I'm still on the therapy.

Hi E.

My eyesight was perfect before interferon, I was a marksmen.  I shot in the ironman contest, only 16 contestants made it to the event, that is 16 from the whole world.

After interferon, I can't see the sight on the gun.

That was 9 years ago when I did interferon and it still is not better.

Chronic fatigue can come from many things.   First, if you do not have one, get a ferritin test.  Ferritin is a iron level that can build up in the liver.  It is a major contributor to fatigue.  The blood test is only 40 dollars and if it is high get some IP6 and take it. Email me the test and I will tell you how much to take.

Interferon is the therapy that is worse than the disease.


Ferritin is the first thing to check as it is usually the problem.

In good health



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