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Hepatitis C Itch
March 2, 2004

I'm sure you must get Emails from HVC patients suffering from itching.

For several years my wife suffered debilitating bouts of itching, and none of the specialists seemed to know what to do about it except to remark that about 15-20% of Hep C patients exhibit this symptom.

We discovered a drug called Welchol, which is a cholesterol lowering drug that removes bile from the gut (it's not processed by the liver). The effect on my wife was miraculous...she went from several days per month spent on the couch unable to move
because of the extreme itching to zero itching and a normal life within two weeks of
using this drug.

It comes in a tablet form and has no side effects. I believe it works by reducing the amount of bile salts that get into the bloodstream.

If this information could help other Hep C patients please get it out there. I know I sound like a shill for the drug company (Sankyo) but this has made a huge difference in
my wife's life.




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