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Milk Thistle Question & Update
March 20, 2004


Well I thought you might like to know what happened at the all knowing Missouri's best Hepatologist appointment yesterday. My husband had this appointment scheduled before he started your herbs, so he decided to keep it.

B's ALT's were last at 629!!  We believe it was due to allergy medication... The first thing the Doc said was there was no way this could be happening. His probable theory is that he has done so much interferon treatment that it has caused a secondary type of hepatitis. If this be the case he is in big trouble.

He gave him his options. Liver transplant, Get back on peg/ribo full strength to knock things back down, or a low dose peg until something better comes along.

He flat out told my husband that he needed to quit taking all herbs with the exception of milk thistle ... He said that they were a waste of money and that they are bad for you. He specifically stated that licorice root! was harmful to the liver.....

Funny thing is though that he had just got done saying that my husband might have a secondary liver problem due to interferon, but for some reason that is ok for him to take, but not damaging to the liver. Contradiction!!!!!

Anyway he was nice enought to say that my husband looks good for a man in his condition. He is in the process of getting his blood test redone. We will know more then. He took it all with a grain of salt and will continue on with your program.

Milk thistle.

I have noticed that some of the products he takes has additional milk thistle in them.
Artichol 450mg a day
lipotrope 300 mg a day
regular milk thistle 900 mg a day
Pure synergy
and the tea

Is this a safe amount of thistle to be taking or should he lighten up on the regular thistle?  Unsure, just checking.

Thank you for everything. I also wanted to know if you are still offering free shipping on frozen products or if that is over...

B H.

Just to inform you of B's latest test results.
His ALT's have gone down to 171 from 629!!

Beware of any products that have sudafed in them. It appears that Allegra D is what caused B's ALT levels to sky rocket!  We were unaware of this as the doctor said it was perfectly safe for him to take.  We now have a starting number and we will inform you of progress from here.  Oh by the way his allergy problems have diminshed greatly in the 6 weeks he has been on your program.

Got the goat and we are loving it. Fresh milk and milk products are a great blessing.

On our road to recovery I have gotten rid of all processed foods and I now make everything myself and I mean everything!!  I wondered if it might help people for me to post from time to time some of the recipes I have created to tips I can pass on for the very busy lifestyle and how to incorporate 100% use of your products.  My husband and I work in a full time ministry. A School for troubled teenage boys. We have over 150 students here to take care of.  My husband works 6 days a week 12 hours a day and sometimes more!!  We live on the property, so he can be called on at any minute.

We had no other alternatives for my husband. He has already done two bouts of interferon with much damage. We had to make this work and with much prayer we have. Other than your program there is no hope for my husband to recover from this disease. Let me know if you would like for me to post possible helpful recipes and timely tips for others.


B H.

Hi BH:

I think this is a great idea!  I would also like to post this email if it is OK. I can remove the name of the school if you like.  Please let me know.

I remember having fresh goat milk. I had a neighbor who use to come by every few days with a quart or two and it was great, made my skin look much better.

It sounds like you are doing great.

In good health

You may post anything you like.  I will try to send you emails once a week with a few recipes and timely tips. The staff members here have even starting getting more healthy as a result of my husband being on your program.  Many are drinking only fresh milk, getting chickens, starting gardens and some are even using herbals to treat basic things like headaches and such.

We are blessed that we live on huge huge acreage where we are free to do such things. I want to help any way I can.

Thank You,
Mrs. B H.

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