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Flu Shot Increases Viral Load
March 1, 2004

Hi LLoyd,

This is about my mother and her test results. She is on your program and did the viral load test in the lab. Her ALT, AST are good, dropped to AST 46 and ALT 62 (which is almost half of what she had). The viral load results are really strange (to say the least) but they were done in different labs.

Any ideas on whether there could be just test compatability problem, seems the same units to me.

Also she talked with another HCV patient who was treated by homeopathic doctor. Then this person had a flu and the viral load jumped to tens of millions.  I think that could be the case with my mom, since we all had a flu recently.  Did you hear of any correlation with recent flu and viral load?

Is that a temporary screw up on the test because of the flu or this is just the progression of HEP C?

As of 09/29/03 she had NCV RNA (BDNA) Quant 965,227 IU/ML.

As of 02/02/04 she had HCV Quantasure plus and it showed 84,200,000 IU/ML.

This email has been altered as it came with a warning that it is confidential.  The numbers are the same and I am using it to demonstrate a very important point.

I have been telling people for 5 years that the flu shot will raise the viral load. I never tell anyone not to have one, I just want people to know what is going to happen when they get one.

The same holds true for the Hepatitis A & Hepatitis B vaccine.  Further, any vaccine that puts a load on the immune system will have a similar result.

This person had a 83 million point rise in the viral load from a flu shot.

In good health

Health Supreme!
After telling us to get our flu shots this past season, flu experts are now admitting that they could not - and still can not - predict what strain of the virus will be predominant in any coming season. So composing the vaccine is somewhat like trying to hit the winning lottery ticket. "We were unable to demonstrate vaccine effectiveness against influenza-like illness," said the CDC's Dr. Carolyn Bridges, who studied how well the vaccine worked. What's more, there apparently are no co-ordinated efforts to collect observations about the effectiveness of the vaccines that everyone does get, or about the side effects of the shots. "We really need to have a system in place year to year that tracks the efficacy of the vaccine", says Dr. Bruce Gellin, Director of the HHS National Vaccine Program Office. What kind of 'science' is that? Belief in medical dogma unfortunately will not protect us from widespread adverse effects and the death toll of the pharma-based medical system, but it certainly helps keep the pharma-medical industry afloat. (2/19/2004 11:55:54 AM)

Note from Lloyd

Are we so brain washed that we have allowed the medical world to have convinced us to do something that really has little or no impact?

In regard to Hepatitis C we did accept a disabling treatment worse than the disease. We are now seeing that it does not work. Sure enough they are working to make money from the masses.

If you want to prevent the flu, try some Absorbic C.




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