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Favorite Timely Tip ... Pill Distribution
March 14, 2004

This is my favorite....

Pill Distribution

When I get the box once a month I take all of the bottles and with a sharpie marker, I write the dosage on the lid of each jar corresponding to the schedule that Lloyd puts in the box. 1 B-L-D, 2 B-L, etc. I have utilized two drawers in my kitchen for pill storage as follows....

I found little plastic, retangular baskets at a dollar store (4 for a $1) 3" X 10".

I purchased solo, plastic, 3oz, dixie cups. 4 of these fits into one basket.

I line as many baskets in my drawer as will fit and fill them with four dixie cups.

I have written on the edge of the basket the day of the week.

On the cups I write A-awaken, B-Breakfast, L-lunch, D-dinner. Once a week I take all of the bottles down from the cupboard, read the dosage on the cap and pass out the pills into the dixie cups. The cups are easy to stack into each other, throw into a ziploc bag and go.

My husband keeps a separate pocket sized pill box in his pocket for eurocel and alfalfa. He sets his watch twice a day for inbetween meals. Takes his eurocel upon beep and then sets the stop watch and waits 30 minutes before taking the alfalfa, then eats 30 minutes later. His first dose of eurocell and nadh are taken in the A-awaken dixie cup before he leaves for work.

Hope this might help.




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