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Cindy's Story
March 11, 2004

Hi There Heppers,

I am Cindy from Los Angeles CA. I am 46 and I have been diagnosed with hep-C type 1A.

I first started feeling sick in 1998 when my ex husband died of liver problems, he told me that he had hep-C and that he gave it to me but at the time I wasn't worried at all , it seemed he was always over dramatizing everything.   He was a heavy drinker so it seemed that his liver would give out sooner or later.  I figured he was just pouring out his guilt as we had a bad marriage, He was 47 when he died.

My doctor told me my headaches and sickness were allergies and she put me on lots of allergy medication and told me that if I worked out that it might help.

I literally forced myself to go to the gym everyday and worked my ass off.  I did feel much better after a few months.

In Dec. 02, I stopped going to the gym because of family emergencies that took all of my time when I wasn't working.   In Aug 03, I was sick again this time diagnosed with hep-C and fibromyalgia.

I just tried to lay down and die but it didn't work, I did finally get caught up on my sleep though. and then some.

I refused the interferon as I have a couple of acquaintances that really got screwed up on it and it certainly didn't do my husband any good.

I bought 2 books to help me through this ordeal, Living with Hepatitis C a survivors guide, and Triumph over Hepatitis C by Lloyd Wright.  I wasn't real thrilled with the first book as my life hasn't been very exciting since I found out that I have an incurable disease and all I want to do is sleep, and I certainly don't like the fact that I cant work and have no money.

I don't want to have Hepatitis C and be a survivor I want to get rid of it, as it is not very much fun. I find it a chore just to talk on the phone or to hold my granddaughter who is 18 months old and the cutest little blue eyed blond.

Triumph over Hepatitis C was motivating, this guy had the disease himself and got rid of it. I recommend it to everyone.   I will be starting his program right away as I just got his stuff in the mail. I am starting only with the essentials as money is an issue, we will see what happens. As soon as I have just a little energy I will force myself to go back to the gym as I need to take my life back.

Thank You all for your support and for listening

Dollars you donated to Triumph Over Hepatitis C, a 100% tax deductible charity paid in part for helping this person. She thanks all of you and so do I.

In good health
Lloyd Wright


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