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Hepatitis A Vaccine
June 15, 2004

Hi to you, thank you for responding. I did know you were out of the city but I wanted to get this info to you just to get things started.

Though they gave me a prescription for the type A vacination last year, something in my gut stopped me from doing it.  This year my new liver guy again gave another prescription for the same, and again I stalled until I recieved your book which came with a sheet of information that specified any hep vacination as one sure way to raise my viral load.  Thats all I needed to hear.  The paper it was written on is still in my walet wrinkled and fading.

I don't usually take anti biotics, but I may have taken something like that. I do take Advil from time to time. Though I have cut down drinking to almost
nothing, I still enjoy having a glass of wine or a toddy.

I am professional musician and have seen and been a part of a lot celebrating, if you know what I mean. I have however, always been reasonably aware about taking care of myself. My wife is also a great help in that dept.. I am 57 years old and I'm doing ok except for the thought of taking care of this HepC S--T.

Thanks A.-



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