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Ferritin Levels & Natcell Process
June 11, 2004

Greetings Lloyd!

A.P., here. It has been 3 months since my husband D started your products. He has had a recent blood test done and his AFP (tumor marker) has come down from 52 in january 2004 to 38.9!

We have not yet received other numbers, but I am hoping the bad numbers will have improve as well. I will let you know this, D is not following the protocol as strictly as you did. I will let you know about the other results when they are in.

We are still running into a brick wall about his ferritin levels. Can not get either of his doctors to reconize the levels. They both say 522 is not alarming. D has been taking the IP6, but I have not any results for the ferritin levels yet. We are working on finding a doctor who is better educated in this field. I have some questions about the frozenThymus product.

How do you know this is the best product for the dollar amounts?

How much do you know about the company that manufacture's it and how long have they been doing business?   What is the manufacturing process and do they have data studies I can read. Or e-mail address.

What is the quality difference frozen vs. tablet?

Hope you are staying well, take care
A. P.

Hi A:

Alpha Feta Protein is the most important number when it is high and it is very good to come down 19 points. This is a tumor marker for primary liver cancer.

Ferritin is extremely important and if your doctor is resistant to higher learning, you need to find one who has been educated. High Ferritin levels may well kill more Americans every year than Cigarettes. High ferritin is associated with most cancers.

Doctors believe that genetics is the reason for cancer in families.  It turns out that high ferritin runs in families and that is the primary reason for cancer running in families.
Reduce the ferritin level and life is good. 522 is not good, it is alarming and what is more alarming is that this idiot doctor is allowed to allow people to go untreated for what can be a deadly easily corrected problem.

You ask, how do I know Natcell thymus is the best product for the dollar amount?
10 years of experience helps. Over 70.000 people who have interacted with me in regard to hepatitis c helps. If there is a better product, I am not aware of it.

Atrium, makers of Natcell, is a good company. I spent last week with the president of the company. They sent me to the Canadian Grand Prix. This is the first perk I have ever received from any company in my life. I spent 3 days with the president and he is a fantastic man. Good, decent, very educated and integrity beyond compression. I was given a tour of the facility last Monday and had a micro biologist explain every step to me in the laboratory. I knew how natcell was made but to have it explained in the actual lab is quite impressive.    I have the graph of the manufacturing process on my site, I will find a copy for you. They have numerous studies and many of them are posted on my site.

The difference between frozen and capsule is dramatic. Frozen thymus is a live protein peptide. They communicate in the body, they are signaling factors.

Read my book, all of these questions I have answered for you.

In good health



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