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A Drop of Almost 1800 Points in 4 Months
July 9, 2004

In March, 2004, I meet with a 40-year-old male who wishes not to be identified.

He has hepatitis c. In February 2004 his ALT was 2000 and his AST was 1986.

He had no viral load test. His doctor wanted to put him on interferon.

He went on my program.

On July 1 he called me and seemed a bit angry.

His ALT was 190 and his AST was 209. This is a drop of almost 1800 points in 4 months. He was angry because his doctor told him this drop was not clinically significant and that he needed to go on interferon immediately or he was indangering his life.

He said his doctor did not perform any other tests.

This man is a triathlon athlete. He said that he is now able to perform like he used to after being unable to perform for quit some time.

I thought he should be celebrating.



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