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latest blood-work
July 27, 2004

Hello Lloyd,

Hope this finds you well. Just dropping in to say and "hello."

I got my latest blood-work this week and wanted to see what you think.

My ALT is 17, that's right 17. AST 35.
(Dec. 2003 my AST was 51 and my AST was 46)

But my viral load is still climbing up to 1.6 mil.
(Viral load climbing after interferon)

I continue to use all the things you recommend and since adding the aloe juice and Synergy products I have noticed a great improvement in my energy. My mind is somewhat clearer as well.

I think that the worst is over as far as the effects of that damn interferon.

Next week I am going to have three colonics sessions. Hopefully that will stimulate my immune system and help with the toxins. The Homeopathic I am seeing suggested a Meyers cocktail. Ever hear of it? Intervenous vitamin shots. However he can't be licensed in Pa. I have to find a M.D. who will do it. Funny though I can go on any street corner and get all the heroin or cocaine I want. But can't get some vitamins injected. I never used heroin or cocaine but you get the point.

Anyway that's my story. Oh and in Feb. I'm going to be a grand-ma. YEAH!! Can't wait for that!

Hope all is well with you.
Best wishes!
J. N.


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