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Recent Improvements
July 23, 2004

Dear Lloyd,

So I went for my most recent blood work today and it came back favorably I must say. For the first time I can recall, my blood work is all normal. I've had elevated enzyme levels and other abnormalties as far back as I can remember. Now, all my numbers are within range. As for my viral load, well that also improved going from 6.7 million down to 4.8 million. As for what my Gastro said about all this... it doesn't need to be repeated.  All I know is I won't be going back to him as he isn't supportive of what I'm doing even though it's plain to see the improvements I've made.

I've basically been following the level 3 program you have laid out and am pretty steady with all the teas including the Reishi tea. I also take the TLM every day when I can afford it. about a month before the blood test, I slacked off on the Vit C and Aloe Vera as well. Now that I've seen the positive results gotten from following your advice, my conviction to clear this virus has been upped a bit and I'll be more steadfast in my approach to doing that. In addition to your program, I've taken to eating as much whole food as possible and organic as well (with not too much animal meat) I also continue to read your story for encouragement and knowledge about what can help my immune system to rid myself of the virus.

I've had this bug for the past 22 years and put it out of my mind after a failed interferon treatment about ten years ago. When I found out about your "Triumph over Hepatitis C" just this past November, I realized that something could be done about it! I'm following through with this to the bitter end so I can report it to you and so others can believe that it can happen for them also. I love to read the success stories that are sent in to your website as it bolsters my faith that I'm doing the right thing. Please publish my letter here as perhaps someone will feel encouraged!

Good luck with the President!



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