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Autoimmune Diseases
and NatCell Immunity

July 23, 2004

Hi Lloyd-

Thank you for your informative and much needed web-site and e-store. You do a great service to the millions of people out here in this supposedly rich and generous country--those of us with serious, chronic diseases that are victimized financially, and frequently blamed for our making our own problems when conventional medicine just doesn't deliver good results.

I have poly-glandular, autoimmune endocrine failure. It involves dealing with Type 1 diabetes mellitus, hypothyroidism, secondary Addison's disease, premature menopause, liver problems (with low enzymes), pruritis/eczema and serious allergic response to many, many substances. I have high titers of antibodies to my own thyroid, pancreas and adrenals. Now, as the complications associated with 39 years of life with diabetes close in, I am very motivated to try to tame this wild immune system while I can still help myself, and allow what's left of this body to try to heal.

*** Finally, the big questions are: Have you heard of anyone having some success using the NatCell Immunity frozen glandular mix to alleviate autoimmune type diseases? Are you planning to produce a similar product under your Lloyd's label any time soon? *** (I am esp. interested in the splenic portion of the mix as Type 1 diabetes has been cured permanently in mice using only spleen cells!)

If a person gets very seriously ill and needs live cell injections, are there any clinics you know of in Mexico or Europe that provide this therapy?

Thank you very much for your help--

L. W.

Hi L:

I deal with diabetes regularly and have very good success. Most of the cases are related to hep c.

Natcell pancreas, pancreas organic glandular, lipoic acid seem to take care of it most of the time.

Natcell Thymus is a immune system regulator or modulator. You could try it for these other conditions. I have people who use it for auto immune disease and they report good success.

Thymus also works very well with thyroid problems.

2 years ago I tried to get natcell to make spleen for me but they said they were not capable at the time.
Since their immunity product is very new, I do not have any results from it as of yet.

If you need a good clinic in Mexico, the William Hitt Center is my favorite to refer.
Their number is 888 671 9849

In good health


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