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Cheaper is not better!
July 17, 2004

  1. Beware of “cheaper” inferior products

Recently, a customer let me know about a bulk dandelion root that is being sold cheaper than mine. I ordered a pound from the distributor to see what people are getting. It came to me within a few days. It came to me in a nice box with a pretty label. It came to me totally infested with bugs. So that you may recognize it, it looks like webbing throughout the bag that clumps pieces together like small cocoons. It is actually bug nesting material and bug waste material, left behind when they eat and discard the dandelion root.

Naturally, this is something that can happen to products that are grown organically, with no insecticides or anti-fungal treatments. But the difference is in quality control. I buy premium quality herbs at the height of their potency (that cost more). I personally know my growers and suppliers who inspect the product. And I inspect every shipment myself. I keep it frozen until I ship it (it is expensive to run seven big freezers!). And I carefully control inventory so that it is bought fresh and sold fresh. I am dedicated to providing you the highest-grade botanical possible.

  2. Beware of distributors who give you misinformation       (translation: lies)

Recently, while visiting a competitor’s website, I came across some conflicting information. Regarding NatCell frozen products, it first tells you it is “Frozen until its use in order to preserve the structure and properties of the proteins” and that “The product is flash-frozen immediately after bottling and is shipped frozen to retain its freshness, potency and bioavailability” and finally, to “Thaw the product [only] immediately before consumption.”

This information is straight from the product manufacturer. It is all accurate, all true.
But then this website goes on to tell you “IF there is some unforeseen delay that takes us past this delivery timeline, the product will start to thaw. We cannot prevent that - nor can we offer a refund. But, the good news is that NatCell products will remain fully potent for 24 to 48 hours after thawing (as long as it is refrozen). This gives us approximately 8-days of delivery time, which should be ample. Even if it thaws, it will lose only 1.5% potency for every 24 hours left unthawed after the first 48 hours.”
This information is not from the manufacturer. It is not at all accurate, not at all true.
AND, it is not said by mistake. It is said for the distributor’s convenience so he doesn’t have to take as much care in getting your frozen shipment to you frozen. It is done to reduce shipping costs, which reduces overall costs. You cannot trust this distributor’s integrity; you cannot trust anything he says on his site. You cannot trust any site that lies to you in order to sell you junk for cheap. Please, read between the lines.

What goes on between the time your products are manufactured and the time you ingest them is important – no, it is critical.

I am the largest distributor of NatCell Thymus in the world. I receive Natcell in freezers directly from the manufacturer (not from a middle distributor, which would create an added risk of something going wrong). I check the freezers at least three times/day and last thing at night and first thing in the morning. I have three back up generators in case of a power loss. I use the best Styrofoam boxes, the best packing materials and enough dry ice to last 2-3 days (would you believe some distributors don’t even use dry ice?). I hover diligently over the phone, just in case, when I am expecting my frozen shipments and when you are expecting yours from me. We have a service called FedEx One Call that monitors frozen packages at each stage of transport from pick up to delivery, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If your package gets held up, miss-sorted Fed Ex puts additional dry ice in your package to assure it is never defrosted.

It’s a lot of work. And a lot of money. My accountant tells me I spend approx. $6,000 - $8,000/mo more than I take in on shipping NatCell products.

I would never compromise the quality of your products – I would never compromise your health. These products were my lifelines and I realize and appreciate that you are counting on them to be yours.

In Good Health
Lloyd Wright

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