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MedicAid in Mississippi ends Sept. 15th
for 65,000 People

July 16, 2004

Dear Hep C Free

My partner is in Late stage liver disease. She was on one of the earliest trials of interferon treatment back in 1998 and it caused horrid symptoms.

She has hepatic diabetis now. She attempted to try the new treatment last year and they would not let her in the study groups because they consider her too sick.  The Mississippi Legislature recently passed a bill cutting clients prescription coverage in Mississippi she draws $590 dollars in SSDI a month and her prescriptions come to $1,100 dollars a month.  She recieves no other money to live on.

The Gov.s office is cold and indiffernt saying this is a difficult transition!   It is more than that for us it is really a death sentence.  She will no longer get her lactulouse, thyroid meds anything ( after the 1st interferion treatment she lost her thyroid }. If you have any ideas of help for her with prescription coverage we would greatly appreciate any advice.


Pass the word that Gov Barbour of Mississippi cares nothing about Hep C people. The only way you can get help with medications for people with liver disease is to have already recieved a transplant. I guess he thinks he will just kill everyone off before their transplant and then the government will not have to pay for transplants!

Recent Changes in Health Policy for Low-Income People in Mississippi



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