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Re: Viral Load Down and Question
July 16, 2004

Hi Lloyd,

I faxed my labs to your office this morning. I'm happy with the results.

My viral load was 638,000 about 3 months ago, it is now 203,000.

My liver panel was good. The Question I have for you is Ferritin.   I've been doing your program for over 2 years, except for a couple viral spikes its has dropped slowly.  My ferritin test revealed a 19 reference range 20-380 its just a little low, can this have any effect on my immune system or not?

M. J.

Hi M:

I like to keep my Ferritin level at 20 to 25. I think that the day vwill come when the medical community will lower the reference range of the ferritin test.  This will no doubt take years as the medical community is very slow at change.

I am very happy about your viral load drop, I am very sorry it has taken so long.
It is a lengthy process for most of us.

In good health



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