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My Mom
July 14, 2004

Dear Mr. Wright,

Thank you for your personal inscription in the book I bought from   My mom has a hysterectomy in Detroit in 1973 (30 years ago) when she was given blood tainted w/ Hepatitis C.   She now has cirrohsis and has been terribly ill.

There is a woman that I wanted to tell you about.  She now works at the Vitamin Shoppe in Aliso Viejo (Orange County). She worked for six years for
a physician in Orange County who was infected with Hepatitis C accidentally from one of his patients.  This doctor cured himself totally from Hepatitis C using the following natural "cocktail":

1. Alpha Lipoic Acid
2. N Acedyl Cysteine
3. Thymus

Yesterday I began giving my mom this cocktail and her liver flap tremors have already dimished remarkably and her ability to walk and write, and communicate to the point that I am gradually lowering her lactulose.

We have been up to see Dr. Han at the Phleger Liver Institute at UCLA. That was a horror show. He basically blew off my 83--year-old mother totally--without discussing her blood test results, he decided to move her appointment out 120 days. What a FUCKING bastard. She could be DEAD by then! He would not TALK to us about alternative medicine such as milk thistle. I was so furious I called and told the administration that I would call David Geffen about how he abused my mom.

We then went to see Dr. Leonard Goldstein, who started the liver research center at UCLA, but again, he did not help with solutions to her liver dysfunction.

Today, I have read most of your book. There are so many herbs and supplements to know about, that it can be rather confusing. I am starting out with the cocktail and see how that goes for my sweet mom.

Thanks for sharing your experiences. It appears as though me and my mom have walked along much of the same path as you have.

Best Regards, L. B.



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