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Re: Update
July 12, 2004

Hi Lloyd,

Since our last correspondence, my Dr. has released me because I did not want to go for a biopsy. The most ridiculous thing is he did not even talk to me, he had his nurse call me. I told her I could go for an ultra sound but I guess in his office this was not an option. So I am going to wait a few months and then go back to my home town Doc for blood tests.

I have been doing well. My liver has stopped hurting! The last couple of weeks I've had some intestinal problems and cut back on the teas and the peroxide. I am only taking 16 drops about every three days now and one cup of each tea a day. I might be getting too much selenium, I'm taking 2 a day. Is this possible? I don't know what sources selenium comes from. If you have any ideas please let me know. You have my permission to put any (all or part) of our email's on you message board.

Thanks for your support

Hi Sherry:

There is not much selenium in food. There use to be but most of it is gone from the soil where they grow our food. Most of the selenium you get will come from supplements. Check other supplements you take and be sure there are not large amounts in any of them.

You may have Candida. Most people with hep c do. ParaGone is a good way to deal with this. It also kills parasites. Everyone should do a parasite cleanse at least once a year, it can make a real difference in your health.

In good health



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