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Primary Liver Cancer
July 11, 2004

One of my clients, Russ, has primary liver cancer.

He began coming to me about 8 months ago.

His Alpha Feto Protein (tumor marker) test was 3813. The maximum range for this test is 10.

One of the fascinating things about this case is watching how many doctors claim they do not know what to do about primary liver cancer.

It has been 8 months and nothing has been done except tests and cat scans. The tumor is small and has not grown since he began my program.

Russ looks good, feels good. He is well insured. So much for the theory we always hear about, “catching cancer early is the way to save lives”.

Blood tests show the Alpha-Feto Protein test steadily declining from 3813 to 14 over a period of 8 months of my program and vitamin C injections.

This is remarkable.

I understand that some of his doctors have said, “this can not happen”.

I am urging Russ to take some more aggressive measures.



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