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Jan. 6, 2004

On December 30, 2003 I was answering the phone along with my trusty staff. I was taking an order form a long time customer. He told me he had been testing non-detected for about 9 months.   He said he was doing some items for two years, then went on the natcell thymus for about 6 months along with the full program and he went from 400.000 IU/ml viral load to 0.

He also told me about 5 people he knew who went on interferon.

He said, “one died, two had to have two liver transplants, one died, one had to have kidney surgery after interferon and then died and the last of the five was on my program for several months and then went on interferon and is doing ok.”

P. C. is a 55 year old male in good health!


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