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Re: update on my labs
January 4, 2004

Dear Mr. Wright,

I'm a canidate for transplantation evaluation and have been for approximatly 2 months. I have been on some of the elements of your program for just about that same amount of time. I say "some elements of your program" due to financial restrants.

Even though, that being the case, my labs results obtained on 12-11-03 show improvment.

9-19-03 labs
ALT 284
Platelets 39K/ml

12-11-03 labs
ALT 233
Platelets 41K/ml

I know this is not a large difference, but this is the first time that my labs are moving in the direction of improvment. I am presently using, Lloyd's TLM 3/week; Power Solution 3/week; Lipoic acid 200mg 2/day; hepata Trope 3/day: Milk thistle tea, approx 20 oz/day: Siliphos milk thistle 240mg 3/day.

Is there anything different that I could do that may be more beneficial?
Thank you for all of your help and God bless you.


Hi M:

When your platelets go up, it is a good thing even if it is just a little.
You need a ferritin test. This test measures the amount of iron in the liver and if it is high it will make the AST and ALT go up. It is easy to get it down. IP6 lowers the ferritin.

I suggest you take:

TLM every day as it is designed to take every day.
It can make a big difference.
Add selenium, 400 mcg per day.
Take lipoic acid 300 mg 3 x day
Dandelion root capsules, 2, 3 x day.
Drink lots of water and more milk thistle seed tea.
Drink properly prepared aloe, 4 oz 3 or more times a day.

There is a lot you should do but these things will make a difference.
I am here for any questions.  Do not let any doctor talk you out of what you are doing.

In good health



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