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Re: colloidal silver
January 22, 2004

Hi Lloyd and Staff,

My viral load was down to 725,00 from 1,919,000.

If you recall I've had several spikes over the past 18 months working your program.

I feel great my alt and ast have always been normal, I just can't seem to turn the corner and push it out the door.

My question is, whats your take on colloidal silver ?

Thank You,
M. J.

Hi M.J.:

I took colloidal silver in 1992 for infection for a dental implant 3 years prior to being diagnosed with hep c.  I took a lot for 2 years as I could not take antibiotics, they made me sick.  I just got sicker and sicker.

I have read the testimonials on the web about it.

Only a few people have told me they thought it was good for them. If you take it, get silver that comes in glass container as plastic ones generate static electricity and the silver loses its charge and falls out of suspension.

Get one that is at least 500 PPM.

The meso silver is only 20PPM.

I have one on my site that is a pharmuticual grade colloidal silver.

If you try one you should use acidophilus & bifidus. The silver kills 650 bacteria and so it destroys the good as well as the bad.  I have a good liquid bacteria item on my site.

Sometimes the last few hundred thousand can be the hardest.

In good health



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