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RE: Many Thanks
January 21, 2004

Many Thanks

I knew, before diagnosis, that I had contracted HCV.  I was an IV drug user and had all the symptoms in abundance.  Chronic fatigue, brownish urine, joint pain and aches, constant moderate to severe pain in my upper right abdominal cavity, severe allergy symptoms and constant overall feeling of being unwell.  I believe I contracted the virus during an 18 month relapse on heroine.  I have been clean and sober now for nearly three years.  This was a blessing bestowed upon me by the grace of God through the program of AA.

I received my formal diagnosis about a month ago.  I had avoided this partly out of fear, partly out of ignorance of the seriousness of this disease.  My body continued to scream at me to do something and take action and so I finally did.

I have under gone the blood work and ultra sound and am awaiting the scheduling of a biopsy.  At my first appointment with my specialist he reviewed my history and we talked briefly.  He is young and has a warmth about him that you don’t often find in the medical field.   In our conversation he mentioned that he was a firm believer in vitamin and herb therapy and let it pass as if he was waiting for me to pick up on the statement much like a deeply spiritual person mentions God and awaits a positive response before jumping into a dialogue with both feet.  I was in a bit of confused state with all of the information and scheduling of tests and did not respond to his statement.

I went home and went on the internet to digest any and all information I could find on HCV.  Doing this allowed me to digest the knowledge at my own pace.  I came upon many sites that tolled the benefit of herbal and vitamin therapy.  The statement my Dr. had made regarding his firm belief vitamins/herbs kept ringing in my ears.  I wish I had been in a frame of mind to ask him more about his thoughts on this and I will at our next appointment.

Then I found your site.  I read everything there like a staving man eats a good meal.  I begun the use of nearly all of the items noted in your schedule.  I will continue to add items as finances permit. It has been just over a week and I feel better than I have for over 4-1/2 years.  The pain in my side is almost completely gone, the overall unwell feeling has diminished substantially, my body aches have diminished, my allergies are tolerable a I don’t feel like sleeping 12-15 hours a day.  This is the best.

Many, many thanks!!!  Your story and solution is a ray of light in an other wise dark area of my life.  I do not know if traditional medical therapies will be in my future since I have battled depression all my life and my doctor indicates that this is a real problem as does your information.  Not to mention all the other draw backs of interferon.   As I always do, I will keep an open mind, learn all I can and make an informed decision.

Again many thanks for assisting me in this area.

May God bless you and keep you close your information has the potential to help many people.

Yours in health,
C. S. Ca

Re: Many Thanks

Hi C.S.:

I am very happy that you are feeling better.

Most doctors perform a biopsy because it is or was required by the FDA prior to prescribing interferon.

Please never take interferon.  I have spoken with over 70.000 people who have used interferon and had it fail.  One thing of note is that people who used heroin seem not to respond.  Most people do not respond but ex drug users have a worse time.  It even causes people to return to drug use.  This is a common side effect with peg intron as stated by schering on the front page of my site in the CBER report.

It is a common side effect with Pegasus as stated on the fact sheet from Roche.  I sent that to my webmaster to post but he has not done it yet.

You will make good progress on my program. It is not necessary for most people to do every thing I did. I think you will be able to try items and see what works best for you.

If you need any help with any thing just let us know.

Drink lots of milk thistle seed tea. It is one of the best things, people who drink a lot of it do better faster.  Dandelion root tea is also very good for the liver and makes a real difference in liver enzyme tests.

If you have any questions, I am here.

In Good health

Important Safety Information
Alpha interferons, including PEGASYS (Peginterferon alfa-2a), may cause or worsen fatal or life-threatening mental, immune system, heart and infectious disorders. Patients should be monitored closely with regularly scheduled doctor visits and laboratory tests. Therapy should be stopped in patients with continuing severe or worsening signs or symptoms of these conditions. In many, but not all cases, these disorders resolve after stopping PEGASYS therapy (see medication guide for more information and warnings).

Use with COPEGUS (Ribavirin, USP). Ribavirin, including COPEGUS TM , may cause birth defects and/or death of an unborn baby. Extreme care must be taken to avoid pregnancy in female patients and the female partners of male patients. Ribavirin causes a type of blood disorder called hemolytic anemia. The anemia associated with ribavirin therapy may result in a worsening of heart disease. Ribavirin can be harmful to a person's DNA or cause it to mutate. Ribavirin should also be considered a potential cancer-producing substance (see medication guide for more information and warnings).

PEGASYS is a medication used to treat adults who have a lasting (chronic) infection with hepatitis C virus and who show signs that the virus is damaging the liver. Patients with hepatitis C have the virus in their blood and in their liver. PEGASYS reduces the amount of virus in the body and helps the body's immune system fight the virus. The medication COPEGUS is a tablet that may be taken with PEGASYS to help fight the virus. Do not take COPEGUS by itself.

Do not take PEGASYS or PEGASYS with COPEGUS if you are pregnant, planning to get pregnant during treatment or during the 6 months after treatment, or are breast-feeding, or if you are a male patient with a female sexual partner who is pregnant or plans to become pregnant at any time while you are being treated or during the 6 months after your treatment with COPEGUS has ended. In addition, do not take PEGASYS or PEGASYS with COPEGUS if you have hepatitis caused by your immune system attacking your liver (autoimmune hepatitis), if you have unstable liver disease before or during treatment, if you have had an allergic reaction to another alpha interferon or are allergic to any of the ingredients in PEGASYS or COPEGUS, or if you have abnormal red blood cells because of a condition such as sickle-cell anemia or thalassemia major.

If you are a woman of childbearing age, you must have negative pregnancy tests just before beginning treatment, during treatment, and for 6 months after you have stopped treatment. You must use two forms of birth control during treatment and for the 6 months after treatment is completed. If you are a male patient, one of the two forms of birth control must be a condom with spermicide. If you or your partner becomes pregnant during or within 6 months after treatment with COPEGUS, immediately report the pregnancy to your doctor.

You or your doctor should also call Roche at 1-800-526-6367.

The most common side effects of PEGASYS and COPEGUS combination treatment include flu-like symptoms such as fever, chills, muscle aches, joint pain and headaches; extreme fatigue (tiredness); upset stomach (including related events such as nausea, taste changes, and diarrhea); blood sugar problems which may lead to diabetes; skin reactions such as a rash, dry or itchy skin, and redness and swelling at the site of injection; temporary hair loss; and trouble sleeping.

The most serious possible side effects of treatment with PEGASYS and COPEGUS combination therapy include risks to pregnancies, mental health problems (including irritability, depression, anxiety, aggressive behavior, suicidal behavior including thoughts about suicide and suicide attempts, and trouble with drug addiction or overdose), blood problems (including a drop in various blood cells which can lead to an increased risk for infections, bleeding, and/or heart or circulatory problems), infections (which have sometimes caused death), lung problems (including trouble breathing and pneumonia), eye problems (including blurred vision or loss of vision), autoimmune problems (where the body's own immune system attacks itself including psoriasis and thyroid problems), and heart problems (including chest pain and, rarely, a heart attack).

Be sure to talk with your doctor or nurse if you have concerns about this medication.

Who in their right mind, who has read the preceding statement and understanding it would use this drug? This drug is worse than the hep c virus!

I personally have known several people who used it and died from the side effects after just a few shots. Healthy people!

Do not become another medical statistic!

If you have hep c, avoid the medical establishment at all cost and live!!!

Lloyd Wright

877 676 1615

Good evening Lloyd,

Thanks much for your reply.  Barring some sort of belief changing information I do not intend to go on interferon.  My past history of drug use and depression makes me an unlikely candidate according to my doctor anyway.  He treats several of my close friends in recovery.   Seems as if about 60% of AA’s and 90% of NA’s have the virus. Of the 7 of us that see Dr Lyche only one has been recommended and chosen interferon. I have shared your information the friend on interferon as I have with the others. I am sure I will share copies of your book as well. I have read your book “Triumph over Hepatitis C” cover to cover. I will again to commit more of the info to memory. After all I have read the risks do not out weigh any of illusive and remote benefits. I have some of the physical signs of cirrhosis, spider veins on my chest and abdomen, urine discoloration and I was told that the biopsy will give us a monitoring base for future reference. Unless his is BS’ing us my Dr. seems to think many of us that see him should try alternative methods and take a wait and see approach.

Over the last thirty days I have added nearly all of your recommended supplements and will add the rest soon. I drink mike thistle seed, dandelion root and licorice root tea throughout the day as recommended. I am also becoming more conscious of what I eat and drink over all. I am improving daily. My body does not constantly ache, I have more energy, my allergies have improved significantly, I am more mentally alert and I even look better (brighter)!!! Feel free to use any of my comments in any way you feel will help others. this schedule for a recommended time or is all or part of it a life time commitment/life style and are there any foods or supplements to strictly avoid?

Again, many thanks for your wealth of knowledge and willingness to share it. My husband thanks you as well. He has noticed the difference too!

C. S. , CA.



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