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Interferon for Hepatitis C
January 20, 2004


I have purchased your items however even though I stopped the interferon I never began the herbs as I was so sick I could not hold anything in my stomach. Come to find out the interferon messed my thyroid all up and it was all washed out. I was hyperthyroid and crazy. they could not give me anything except a beta blocker to protect my heart as it is called thyroiditis. It has been terrible. Also I was on so many medicine from the bleeding in my intestines and I was anemic and very low white count that I was afraid to start anything else.

I am planning however to begin the herbs and vitamins as soon as I get well enough. I lost 45 pounds and turned all gray and wrinkled from that treatment and the thyroid problem. It has put about 20 year on my life.

I have now been off the interferon since November 7, 2003, and right now my liver counts are good which is a miracle considering all the medicine I am on. The virus at this point is still undetectable and I am hoping it will stay that way. Last I spoke with you I was planning to take three more shots along with your treatment however I ended up in the emergency room and could not take any more shots. It has been months and even though I purchased your products I have taking nothing. Do you think as soon as I get well enough and off these meds your treatment will still help to prevent the Hep C from coming back. The doctor believes it will return in about 6 months. I have prayed very hard and I am hoping that it is over. Even though they say my thyroid is scared and I will after this be hypo thyroid instead of hyper that I am.

What a ride. I told the doctor I thought the ride was over when I stopped the shots she said this will be a shorter ride but it does not look that way

I was told you the minocin story how they misdiagnosed me with scleroderma that was a nightmare. When I am well enough I will tell you the interferon story it was totally a medical nightmare. The doctor should be jailed. The medical system today is horrible. We need to treat ourselves naturally and holistically as doctors and hospitals seem to be only for emergencies and nothing else. They cannot diagnose us we have to dot this ourselves and then we have to cure ourselves.




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