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Re: more Hep C blood work back
January 18, 2004

Hi Lloyd

Happy and a Healthy New Year to you and your staff.  I got some blood work since sept. and my liver functions are normal for now unlike sept. when it elevated and my ferretin was high then and iron was just below the high range normal.

You said to take IP-6.  I did and the ferretin came back this time normal but the iron was elevated?  Have any comment as to whats going on and is the ferritin more important to have low in Hep C cases or just the iron or both.

God Bless J. M.

Hi J.M.

Ferritin seems to be the biggest problem.  It is however very important to have the iron in the middle of the reference range.  I would keep taking the IP6 and see if the iron reduces.

Take the IP6 between meals, empty stomach.

Try taking two, three times a day.

IP6 seems to be very good at helping with many of the problems caused by hepatitis c.

In good health



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