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Effective Natural Alternative to Synthroid
January 13, 2004

Hi Lloyd and friends,

I was catching up on the message board postings you've added and have some info that would be helpful to one of your writers. The message was in the "informative correspondence" section, Jan.12, 2004 posting "questions" from J & D.

The doc advised that they should start taking Synthroid and they were very concerned about adding this drug because of viral count worries. If you have a way to contact them you can let them know there is a very effective natural alternative. Tell them to check into Guggul. It has a variety of uses and is currently very popular for cholesterol treatment, but though lesser known it is a very good treatment for Hypothyroidism.

I have been using a product called Guggulbolic Extreme by Syntrax very successfully for about 3 years. It is made in the Ayurvedic tradition but seems to be very popular with the muscle head crowd due to its metabolism boosting qualities.

Here is some basic info on Guggul and Hypothyroidism in general:

Besides me, both of my Greyhounds are Hypothyroid too. One had very little hair when we adopted her which is one of the symptoms and the addition of the Guggul to their diet has caused their hair to grow in nicely. I understand that it can also re-grow hair in men whose baldness is caused by Hypothyroidism (doesn't cause abnormal hairgrowth, so no worries for females).

Hope this helps.

E. L.



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