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Cleared Virus in 8 Months
Jan. 11, 2004

Dear Lloyd & Staff:

Just wanting to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!   By the grace of God and your products we are now Hepatitis C Free!  Enclosed are some copies of our blood work.

Our doctor was very impressed as we are his only patients to beat this with your products.  We gave our doctor a copy of your book and he is going to refer some of his patients to us to help tell about this method of healing.

Thank God we will never take interferon again as it was the worse drug with side effects we have ever taken.

Thanking you again for all your help!

The above is a type written copy of a hand written letter I received in early December 2003.

Enclosed in the envelope are 4 blood tests:

2 for B. L.
One dated 12/30/2002 stating Hep C Detected
One dated, 12/04/2003, Hep C NOT detected

2 for her husband, H.L.
One dated 12/30/2002 stating, Hep C detected
One dated 12/30/2003 stating, Hep C Not detected

I spoke with these people on the phone a few times. They had tried interferon years earlier and described it as JUST HELL, ROCKED MY WORLD! It did not work; viral load went up 3 times higher than when they started.

They also said that doctors treated them like second-class citizens.

The doctors did not give them any hope as interferon had failed.

They both give credit to GOD and this was the best Christmas present
they could have.

Both of these people did most of my full program
from April 2003 to December 2003.

They were geno type 2A.

I have their blood tests on file.


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