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Re: Should I Feel Encouraged
February 3, 2004

Hi Loyd hope you are well,

breif overveiw, 44 year old male, HCV pos since 2000 thought I would live forever, requested complete blood work along with 40th b-day physical.  Doc did a hep panel and my world changed.

Im 1a with a stage 1 biopsy.  Doc said no interferon, then peg came out and he says I must start the program to save my life, I refused, to save my sanity, witch he questioned, said he has no time for someone who takes charge of their own treatment .

Been on for two months, TLM, aloe juice, artichol, supersiliphos, ip-6, thymuspills, alphalipoic acid, reishi, catsclaw, oliveleaf, nadh, schizandra and all the teas.  feel 100% better.  Can feel my core strength increasing.  My squat went from 145 to 275 my bench is now 225 for reps.  My weight, 185 to 169, I look and feel 35 ( top of my training )   Also my PVCs are all but gone. 12-01-03 hcv rna pcr qt 1890000 ast 32 alt 48, 1-26-04 hcv rna 1690000 ast 20 alt 31.

Should I feel encouraged that I will be free one day?  Is TLM everday as good as Natcell Thymus every other day?  Thanks for everything.  Make good decisions and enjoy your life . , D. F.

Hi D:

This all sounds very good.

You mention your stage 1 biopsy.  Stage 1 fibrosis or cirrhosis or inflammation?

TLM when taken seven days in a row = 3 natcell thymus, 2 natcell liver and 1 natcell mesenchyme.

This formula is one I created after 4 years of seeing people buy these items and take it in this dosage. They progressed faster than people who just took thymus alone.

Taking it every day offers a daily assault. I have noticed that some people do better with taking the natcells separate but for most TLM is very good.

Your viral load did not go down much but the key items for now, the AST and ALT went down to a point where they indicated that no damage is being done.

Keep this up and you are going to do just fine.

Thank you for keeping me informed, so many do not.
In good health



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