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Peg-Intron-Reb ... Treatment?
February 20, 2004


I found your website today while trying to find out side effects of peg-intron. I started on the Peg-intron-Reb treatment in January of 2002. I did 48 weeks of hell.

I was so sick the whole time. High fevers every week for 5 days after the shot. Bedridden 5 of 7 days out of the week. I had severe headaches, loss of appetite, depression, sore muscles, hair lost, night sweats, memory loss. The doctors said i should get used to it but it got worse and worse. I was one of their first patients that they treated so I think I was their guinea pig. I was put on antidepressants pro-crit and a host of other drugs. I lost 20 lbs (I was 130 to start with)  My thyroid is destroyed forever.  I would tell my husband all the time I felt like my brains were frying and now i believe they were.

On my 44th week of treatment my 24 year old son passed away. The nightnare only got worse. Most of the time the doctors did not know what to so with me so they simply dismissed me. It's been 14 months since I finished treatment and they say my viral load is undectable. They say I should feel better now and they can't understand why I don't and there is nothing else they can do for me.

I had sarcoidois in 1995 and the peg brought it back. The doctors did not know that this could happen, I broght them the information I found on the internet.

I take thyroid medicine and paxil every day. I have terrible headaches, Hearing loss and I can't remember anything. My hair still falls out by the hand fulls. I have terrible sharp pains in the muscles of my legs.I can't go back to work and I am fighting to get social security. I am not the same person and I don't look like the same person. Can you help me?

I would like to find a lawyer in my area (60 miles outside Chicago)

My husband says i am not the person he married 28 years ago. He has had to feed me, bathe me and carry me.  It's a good thing we have a strong marriage.

Please contact me.
K. S


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