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Regeneration of the Liver and the Platelets
February 17, 2004

Hi E:

Low platelets can be raised with natcell liver. it is expensive but it works. Usually in 3 months or less. Generally the platelets get low as the liver is not functioning well.
The natcell liver helps a fast regeneration of the liver and the platelets go up. It can take some time but it works. As they go up, if the bleeding gums are from low platelets, they should stop bleeding. Have you seen a dentist about this? If so what did he say?

In good health


I believe my dentist diagnosed it as leuokoplakia. I will try the natcell liver. Can you suggest anything else that may be helpful for cirrhosis?

Also for an elevated bilirubin. Before I started your program I was on the active liver transplant list due to HepC. I am now on a hold status to my doctors amazement.

Thanks for your help!

Hi E.

Drink lots of dandelion tea and milk thistle seed tea. The tea really makes a big difference.

Take selenium as selenium is proven to reduce primary cancers by 40% in thousands of studies.

One bad thing about cirrhosis is that it can turn into primary liver cancer. It is rare but it is on the rise with hep c. In a recent study not one of the people taking selenium with cirrhosis developed primary liver cancer.

In good health


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